Sahlin: Inget problem om svenskarna dör ut

13.05.2016 19:49

Ämne: Salin: Inget problem om svenskarna dör ut


Sigvald Nielsen | 23.11.2016

Mona Sahlin er en Psykopat Landsforräder

Som skal Låses inde på et Lukket Psyko hospital!!!!


Nis Weihrauch, Danmark | 23.11.2016

Er Mona Sahlin psykopat?


Hans martinsson | 31.08.2016

Mona ska bara brinna

Yes it is

Tom Basinger | 09.07.2016

Yes it is a problem Mona.
All Scandinavians are related to the German tribe,this has surten specifications molded by the environment and nature around them. They can not run as fast as a typical African because their muscle fires are shorter, but they have a bigger tolerance for various temperatures.Their immunsystem are made for European surroundings, their lack of color in the skin makes it easier to absorbe vitamin A from the sun and much more. The brain chamber is also bigger than average Africans and so is the average IQ. There is many reasons why it will be a worse world if the Swedes disappear.


Sven | 13.06.2016

Hon har väl redan konverterat så hon ska känna sig säker.

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