Ett mystiskt strålningsmoln spred sig över Europa i september. Ryssland erkände äntligen det.

23.11.2017 23:44

Men tjänstemän kommer inte att säga var det kom ifrån.


Ämne: Ett mystiskt strålningsmoln spred sig över Europa i september. Ryssland erkände äntligen det.

Ryslands vändning mot krigsförberädning

en13 | 24.11.2017

That Vladimir Putin told about the emergency transition of business to military rails
Rostislav Ishchenko, observer of MIA "Russia Today" (internet översättning)

At meeting on questions of military industrial complex the president of Russia Vladimir Putin demanded to provide readiness of the enterprises (irrespective of form of ownership) in a short time to be reoriented on release of defensive production. From the Russian economy it is required not only to return to the Soviet scheme when practically each enterprise had a dual purpose and during "the special period" could switch to release of the weapon and ammunition, but also to provide the reserve capacities allowing to provide if necessary transportations of troops and multiply to increase release.

The territory of Russia is huge, and the army not casually constantly learns to create and support in the last decade groups of troops, necessary for performance of objectives, on any directions. It is clear that if only twenty percent of the population live beyond the Urals, in 75 percent of the territory of the country, and the infrastructure for placement of troops is more developed in the European part of Russia. However the threat to national security can become actual everywhere.

The Far East from this point of view — traditionally problem region. It isn't enough communications, they are dragged out and constantly to contain there large group expensively and there are no need. Thus in case of threat it is necessary to have opportunity quickly to increase forces and to provide their supply, including due to expansion on a place of repair and (partially) production base to deliver from far away only vital resources.
However need of expansion of mobilization opportunities of Armed Forces of Russia doesn't exist in itself, in a separation from an actual political situation. Especially as the statement of the president was made so that it received the maximum publicity. It is clear, that this address is addressed generally to our foreign partners. Against whom?

In the last three-four years, from the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, in Eastern Europe and Baltic NATO group was considerably strengthened. In Poland, the Czech Republic and Romania the position area of antimissile defense is created. In Baltic in addition placed three NATO battalions with heavy arms. Now it is about possible accumulation of forces of alliance in the Baltic states to seven battalions with potential probability of further increase in military presence.
To Europe from the USA the whole armored division, apart from smaller divisions is thrown. Today Poland and Baltic develop plans of sharp strengthening of the antiaircraft defense. The powerful antiaircraft umbrella will strengthen stability of group, even without further building of ground forces. The purpose of NATO is obvious — to solve a problem of the unprotected communications of the Baltic base then it will be able really to become military threat for Russia.

The doctrines "West 2017", and also expansion in the western regions of Russia one new army and three divisional staffs — the certificate of that Moscow seriously treats potential threat on this direction.

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