Sverige enda nordiska landet med långa väntetider i sjukvården

13.01.2018 15:51

”Väntetider har absolut ingenting med resurser att göra, väntetider är vanskötsel av vården”, blir det föga smickrande omdömet om svensk sjukvård.


Sämst i Norden och ett av de sämsta i Europa avseende väntetider i sjukvårdssystemet. Det visar den årliga undersökningen från Health Consumer Powerhouse.

Enligt tankesmedjans svenske ordförande, Arne Björnberg, beror situationen inte på läkarbrist eller ekonomi, utan dåligt skötta landsting.

– Svensk sjukvård har bra behandlingsresultat, men vi tillhör det absoluta bottenträsket i Europa när det gäller tillgänglighet och väntetider.

Andra europeiska länder med långa väntetider är Storbritannien, Spanien, Portugal, Grekland och Polen.

Länder där väntetiden beskrivs som icke existerande är Frankrike, Belgien, Holland, Schweiz och Tyskland.

Ämne: Sverige enda nordiska landet med långa väntetider i sjukvården

OBS! senaste info!

En13 | 13.01.2018

enligt uppgifter CIA /USA organiserade 13 bio-laboratorie enheter i Ukraina där massor av biologiska vapen tillverkas...!!!!
Senaste massinsjuknande i Sverige och EU i vattkoppor, mässling och cancer (cancer är svampsjukdom och inte det vad hjärntvättas av globala medicinföretag) är terror attack mot befolkning och ingår i program - minskning av befolkningsmängden!!!!!!!

Samt just nu kommer info om att från Ukraina sprids radioaktivitet som förgiftar Europa och Norden och den hölls hemligt från invånare!!!!!

Sv:OBS! senaste info!

en13 | 13.01.2018

här med bara liten info - översättning genom google

Biological weapon: the infection kills tens people from Galicia to Kiev and Odessa! (video):
Maidan rubbish forbade doctors to call this illness the Russian word "measles". Physicians of Ukraine have to call it "kip". Here something is created unclear so the especially terrible. In the end of the last fall the number of the patients with measles by 43 times exceeded a habitual indicator. And it is sharp, for only a few weeks. By November among heavy patients - 2558 children. However "M_n_sterstvo of an okhorona здоров‘я" stupidly kept silent.

In the first decade of January there was new and much more powerful splash. Incidence growth record, only in one day — on January 10, the Ukrainian regions officially registered more than 3500 cases. The most important, nobody can explain that actually occurs.

Acute viral disease, measles it is dangerous by the complications - pneumonia, an ear infection, a brain inflammation — encephalitis, sight loss. Can result in disability and death. The only way to be protected — vaccination. The Soviet Union began mass vaccination in far the 1967th, and the illness was almost won. In Russia a third of territorial educations were considered free from measles, on the others incidental cases were registered.

Curious information from the Donetsk People's Republic. Here since 2015 it is noted any case of such disease. Though in the territories of Donbass under control to the Ukrainian chasteners, the virus is. It appears, measles inoculations in DNR are obligatory and are carried out according to the schedules of vaccination existing in the Russian Federation. Naturally, vaccines arrive from Russia in humanitarian escorts. Absolutely other deal on independent open spaces. Thousands of January patients — even according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Health. The most difficult situation in Odessa and on zapadensky Galichina. For example, on January 3 it became known that with measles the whole enterprise in Lviv ached. The speech about employees of the Japanese enterprise Fujikura. All got sick with illness symptoms in two weeks.

Practically at the same time the infection was got by 63 little inhabitants of Odessa and fifty more children of Kiev. In the Kiev infectious diseases hospital on Degtyarevskaya St. patients with measles filled the whole boxes. The department of health care of the city hall, type, calmed — generally it is the younger school students who visited New Year's representations of Kobzov circus on Kontraktovaya Square in the center of the Ukrainian capital. The mayor Klitschko too is silent, the circus continues to give representations. For comparison — for all 2017 in Kiev with measles 87 people got sick.

In Dnepropetrovshchina to 70 diseased, from them it is more than 40 children. The silent nightmare is created in the next Zaporozhye. Figures grow every day. Allegedly the infection extended from the modular town for the Donbass immigrants in the industrial center Krivoy Rog. This nickname is very many-sided. It seemed, the image of the current acting minister could dream Ukrainians only in a dreadful dream. Though appearance not the main thing. The devout pupil of galitsiysky diaspora, the lady Ulyana together with the husband Marko was sent from the USA to Kiev shortly before the beginning of the Maidan. I volunteered in a health service of "pravosek" *, I founded the Protection of Patriots organization. Subsequently I became the principal of rehabilitation medicine of the Ukrainian Catholic university. Now I took seat in a ministerial chair — and reduces the medical personnel, destroys "ambulance", initiates the simplified procedure of sending donor organs for a cordon. At full speed there are tests of new medical preparations of the western corporations.

And still "Doctor Smert" claims that Ukraine doesn't need treatment of oncology and vaccination of children. The first reached result — for 2016 inoculations was received by only 45% of children, is repeatedly imparted also that less — 30%. Today city administrations of Odessa, Kiev, Lviv, the former Dnepropetrovsk and some other the large Ukrainian cities officially forbade not imparted children to attend schools and kindergartens. Actually this recognition of national epidemic made without sanction of the government of the country.
Daily not less than 11 kids, and the main age till 5 years come to Odessa "infektsionka". Rates impress: for November of 139 patients, in December — already 200. The most dangerous, starts being ill the first year of life, catches from the senior sisters and brothers.

The infectiologist, the assistant to chair of infectious diseases of the Odessa national medical university Natalya Zhurakovskaya with horror states "front" news: "The number of our patients with measles passed for one thousand. Two more offices, in addition to the existing are switched to measles. Every day in hospital with the diagnosis we put "measles" from 8 to 12 people. Five — two adults of 44 both 47 years and three children 2, 4 and 17 died! Also I assure you — it not a limit!.".

Incredibly, in the XXI century literally for few days in only ONE city of "the European Ukraine" 5 people die of a controlled infection. The heart-broken father Sergey Galchinsky told about tragic death of the teenage girl on the page on Facebook:

— On December 21, 2017 at me the daughter died. She only was 17 years old, and she died of bilateral pneumonia as complication after infection with measles. And all vaccination was done. It caught measles in hospital where it was brought according to the recommendation of doctors for a bronkhoskopiya of lungs. That epidemic of measles walks since August, in hospital, naturally, nobody warned.
According to inhabitant of Odessa Galchinsky, the power up to the end is afraid to declare epidemic, differently it is necessary to spend budget money, to carry out universal vaccination and to put everything on quarantine:

— If it was possible to return back — I would lock the daughter and hammered all windows and doors till spring. And deeply to spit on all VNO and general education system in general. Dear parents! I ask you one thousand times to think before releasing children in kindergarten, school and other public places because this illness takes away lives of our children. Better three years my girl sat in one class, but was live … - it wrote.

We will notice the extremely curious moment from fatherly Facebook. So, all vaccination was done to the schoolgirl, however the girl was lost. I confirmed complication of an epidemic situation on measles the regional laboratory center of the Kherson area. From here to border with the Crimea no distance. One more strangeness — two thirds of sick residents of Kherson too took root earlier. But all the same in a most serious condition got sick on a hospital bed.


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